New Work and Influences

Artists draw inspiration from many sources. I have always enjoyed viewing the artwork of others, both historical and contemporary. One segment of my newest work is a continuation of surface that I was developing with my turtles, which can also be linked to the drawings I was doing when I was at the University of Iowa. The other directions have been greatly influenced by three contemporary artists, two whom are ceramicists and the other a painter. Currently I am working in three surface venues, all involving color and are in the format of large wall pieces. I am developing hand-built wall platters that will eventually reach the size of 36" diameter or greater.

Clay has the wonderful capability of being impressionable in its wet state. This property allows me to use a variety of found objects, along with ceramic stains, to create a surface such as this:

Surface Detail

Another area of interest is abrading through layers of colored clay engobe. Revealing various depths of color can create visual variety and interest.

Abraded Test

To view the works of the three influential artists mentioned above.....

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